3 Days in Prague 

Hello again! Due to my flight schedule I was only able to have 3 full days in prague, but it was enough for me anyway.

The city
I’ve done a lot of walking around since I’ve been away, my hotel was pretty central so i didnt need to use public transport while I was there. There was ALOT more tourists there than in copenhagen and it was a bit of a struggle to get around in some places. 

The architecture was true to the pictures I had seen and absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately a few of the buildings were getting repaired so were covered in scafoldings and mesh. 

My hotel 

I stayed in a lovely little place called Hotel Salvator situated in Prague 1 and right next to a big shopping mall with a food court and a lidls not far away. The interior was a mixture of old fashioned decor (wood panneling) with bohemien tiled walls throughout the restaurant with a strong natural influence, the whole middle section was open with no roof and a big glass lift on one side, surrounded by plants and trees and flowers it really was very lovely. The staff were great too. On my last morning I came down at 5am to check out, the man on the desk who looked younger than me was on his first shift and didn’t know exactly what he was doing, but that was fine we got through it eventually. My taxi didnt turn up!! I was waiting for 45 minutes and when it got to the point where I was going to be very late I panicked and went back into the hotel to see if he could help. He looked just about as stressed as I did, bless him. He let me borrow his phone to ring the company, which turned out the number didnt exists anymore.. He drew me out this elaborate plan to try and get me to the airport on time on 2 metros and a bus.. But as I was frantically running up the street I managed to track down a taxi that got me there on time (whilst paying through the nose)

John Lennon wall

Why theres a john lennon wall in Prague I’m not 100% sure. But it was lovely none the less. It was well hidden and took some time to find, But once I was there I was greeted with an explosion of colour, John Lennon quotes and lyrics spread all along a singular wall. I was dreading the queues to get up to the front but there wasn’t that many people there, enough to make it busy, but not enough to make the atmosphere unpleasant. 

The botanics

Now you probably know by now that I love a good plant. The botanical gardens was quite out the way but still worth the trip. The green house was full of exotic cacti and palm trees with a gorgeous pond in the centre. I’ve literally never been so sweaty in my entire life. But it was worth it anyway. One thing I didn’t like though was that they had loads of birds in cages around the entrance of the green house. 

The dancing house

From the outside, amazing piece of architecture. From the inside.. pretty disappointing, unless you’re into various bits of memorabilia from Prague’s history. All of the signs were in Czech so I wasnt able to read them which was a shame, but the roof top views were pretty incredible.

Gallery of Art Prague

This was the highlight of my stay and I very nearly missed it! I had been looking for stuff to do on my last day but when i went onto the website for some more info it kept glitching so I wasn’t going to bother going. I eventually found that the current exhibits were from 3 of the most influential artists of their times! Alfons Mucha, Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol! It was 250 CZK to get into all 3 exhibitions which worked out at just under £9. Cant argue with that price! (Baring in mind I had student discount too.) 

Would I go back?

I would go back to Prague with company. But I think for now I’ve seen of Prague what I wanted to see. I enjoyed myself and it’s a lovely holiday destination, I think if mum were still here it would be somewhere we would have gone together. 

Speak soon

CM x 


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