My Trip Around Europe (and other places)

I’ve put ‘and other places’ in the title because some of the places (infact most of the places) that I’ve visiting aren’t technically part of Europe.

I leave in one week today. I didn’t think I could feel this many emotions about one thing, but I can, apparently. Of course I’m excited, I’m really excited! Im going to explore a whole load of places that I’ve never been to and that I’ve wanted to visit for a long time now, but I can’t help feeling anxious and worried and stressed.

I’m going alone, which has it’s own dangers, I know that. I’m pretty streetwise though, I know to stay in populated areas and not let myself get into situations I can’t get out of. My anxiety takes care of that for me. Im stressed because I have to get on a lot of planes at certain times and be out of this hotel at this time and another hotel at another time. Almost everywhere I’m going uses a different currency. When I land in most places its going to be pretty late at night and I’m worried and stressed about getting to the hotels safely. Im worried about leaving my cats and not seeing them for such a long time. I know Matthew will of course take amazing care for them and they’ll be fine and will probably only notice that I’m not there because I’m usually always in the house. But I can’t help it, their my babies.

I’m worried about being away from Matthew. I know 3 weeks is no time at all and all that, but were just not used to not seeing each other pretty much every day now. We’ve lived together for almost a year, and before that we saw each other nearly every day as well.

But I have to keep remembering that this is a GOOD THING. this trip is going to help me get some independence back, thicken my skin, see things I might not get another chance to see and even help my uni course!

I’m going to be taking a sketchbook and some pens/pencils/paints with me so hopefully will come back with loads of drawings and I will be blogging while I’m away too so I can keep you up to date!

Speak soon
CM x


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