A New Garden to Play With

Its been so long!! SORRY!! I have been SUPER busy since we came back from Gran Caneria. Within days of getting home we had to pack up our whole house and move to our new place, then it was my 21st Birthday 4 days later, I had a party to celebrate that weekend and then since then we’ve just been unpacking and starting to plan how were going to decorate our new home.

Ive also now left my job at B&Q as Im going on my travels in just 10 DAYS TIME, boy has that come quick! It was actually really sad to leave as I did enjoy the work (when the weather kept up) but nevertheless, I’m excited to go travelling and I could maybe return to the job when I come back, although I’ll have to see if I can work it around my new uni corse.


after that little catch up I think its probably time to introduce you to our new garden! My tiny slice of heaven that I am free to design and develop how I like (along with Matthew).

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

This was the garden when we moved in around 2 and a half weeks ago. Over grown, under a lot of weeds and 85% dead. From what I can gather this was someone else’s small slice of heaven until they became too old/ill to maintain it and nature took over. So I am more than determined to do the previous owners proud and bring this garden back to life, whilst bringing it into 2017.

So far I’ve dug out all of the shrubs from the middle section, along with a small wooden fence, a bird house, solar lights and lots of rubbish and I’ve started to dig out all of the grass (more on that later). Matthew cut back the Hydrangea bush ready for me to dig out when I pluck up the courage (its a big plant) but not before I managed to snip a few off for a vase in our house.

Keep a look out for more updates and developments as they’ll be coming sharp and fast now that I’m unemployed and determined to get the garden looking good before I go away.

Speak soon
CM x



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