A Well Needed Break 

Currently sitting on the balcony of my hotel room in Las Palmas, Gran Caneria overlooking matthew and his brothers wrestling in the pool. 

It’s our last full day here today so I thought I would check in. I wanted to bring a notebook with me to do some writing while I was here but I forgot and havent been able to find any in the souvenier shops near me. 

This week has been a well needed break from reality but also a calm before the storm for me as once I get back everything is going to change. Sounding dramatic? Yeah I know, but its true. The week we get back me and matthew move house, then its my 21st, then I go on my trip for 3 weeks and then I start my new Uni course..

Im trying to focus on one thing at a time of course and for now just enjoying whats left of my holiday. 

While ive been away Ive finished 2 books which ill mention breifly here but will probably do more in depth reviews of when im home. So the first I started a few weeks ago but only got around to finishing on the plane, A Good Theifs Guide to Amsterdam. Then my main holiday read has been The curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. Both great books and not really like things I’ve read before, which is what I really enjoyed about them. 

While weve been here we havent done much other than eat, drink, sleep and relax by the pool, except today we went to the sand dunes next to the beach which was amazing. 

The sand was so soft and warm (sometimes too warm) on our feet but the views were great. The texture of the sand looked like silk. 

Two other things which have won me over, my two favourite things, plant life and architecture. The cacti have been INCREDIBLE. I mean the size and shapes and colours of some have had me dumbfounded. 

Architecture wise, im loving all the diveristy between the buildings and the pastel colours most of them are painted in. It makes me feel very 1950s america, which I’m enjoying a lot. 

Ill be sad when I go home tomorrow, but I am serverly missing my cats and as much as I’m nervous for the weeks and months ahead, im excited for all the new beginnings and fresh starts.

Speak soon

CM x 


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