My Container Garden

As I’m new to gardening and have no real experience, I’m taking things slowly and learning which plant needs what type of care, one mistake at a time.

Originally, in around March/April, I first started to grow some veg but didn’t take much consideration into what I was doing. I got a bag of cutting/sowing compost and a box of general all purpose plant food pellets and didn’t really take in the fact that some plants should be grown in rows, some needed longer pots for roots, how much space should be between each plant etc. etc. I basically just threw the seeds in some pots and hoped for the best, what difference could it make…really?
Needless to say, not much grew, although I do think a few were eaten by birds/attacked by the cats. But still that was my fault for not sowing them far enough into the soil. Anyway, I managed to get a couple of pea shoots and a carrot shoot, but both were too close to the edges of their pots so only grew to around 1.5 inches before running out of room. I tried to repot them when I realised what I had done but because they were too small to be taken from the soil they all died.

I did however manage to salvage around 20 tiny little tomato seedlings (you may have seen in on of my earlier posts) which I transplanted into a propagator tank in their individual little pots. So far 11 have survived. YAY!

I have plenty of plans and ideas for my new garden, but chances are I won’t be able to put any of them into action until next year now, But for now I am enjoying tending to my container garden and learning what I can before I take on a real garden in the coming years. 18580943_312868199150005_7719441727232147456_n

Fruit/Veg/Herbs I’m growing at the moment

  • 3x Hot Thai Dragon Chillies
  • 2x Jalepeno’s
  • 1x Hot Banana Chilli
  • Rosemary (Matthews)
  • Thyme (Matthews)
  • Mint (Matthews)
  • 11x Gardeners Delight Tomatoes
  • Sage (Matthews)
  • Coriander (Matthews)

By the way, when I say their Matthews, I mean they are his plants, but I still take care of them.


As I said earlier, a lot of my veg first time round didn’t grow for various reasons. Although its quite a lot later in the season than I would have liked, I have started again with a few plants. This time round however I’ve done things properly. Using individual pots for each seed until they are developed enough and I can buy bigger and better containers and using a liquid, tomato based feed that you dilute in your watering can and use every 1-2 weeks (not on the thyme though as it prefers to grow in rougher conditions.)

  • 1 Sweet Pepper (still in propagator as they are originally meant to be started off indoors and transplanted outside around about now)
  • 2 Peas in a pod
  • 1 Pumpkin (also still in a propagator for the warmth while it germinates)

I’ve also planted 7 sunflowers that will hopefully grow enough before we move to our new house so I can cut them and make the house feel like home early on. So far they seem to be doing pretty well, but need repotted asap.


I have 2 wooden barrels at the back of my garden full of bedding plants to provide a bit of colour to the garden. Although flowers aren’t usually my type of thing, especially bedding plants, Im enjoying they way they look, but I can’t say they’ve completely converted me. I’m just more of a foliage/edible plant type of gal.

  • Upright Petunias
  • Upright Geranium
  • Upright Verbena



Speak soon
CM x


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