Perks of a Garden Centre

Good evening!

Today I have spent a wonderful day off work doing what I love.. Gardening! The weather has been glorious up here in Newcastle and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Working in a garden centre has plenty of ups and downs and I thought I would use today to let you in on some of the reasons why I love working in one.


  1. The Weather!
    Now obviously this totally depends on where you are and don’t get me wrong Newcastle has its moments, but this year the weather has generally held its own and although were still in may its looking like we may just be in for a treat of a summer.
  2. Learning 
    This has got to be one of my favourite perks of the job. In every job I’ve had, Ive found learning about the products really fun, and this job is no different. I enjoy learning the names of plants, the different care that they need and hearing what customers enjoy growing in their gardens.
  3. Free Plants!! 
    This doesn’t happen often, but it happened last night which is what has lead me to spend my entire day tending to my container garden (and writing this post). I’m going to upload a post on my new plant specimens and how they came to be as well as an update on my other little babies a little later on, but for now its onto some not so fun things about working in a garden centre.



  1. Throwing away plants
    Because we get such a huge volume of plants this time of year some of them don’t quite fulfil their dream of taking pride in someones garden, and It’s usually my job to get rid of the ones that we can’t sell anymore. This honestly pulls at my heart strings sometimes as I feel like I can hear them screaming at me to save them. (crazy I know)
  2. The Weather
    Making an appearance on both lists as, like I said, it has its ups and downs. The store I work at is not too far from the coast and I am pretty sure its a wind trap. Whenever theres the slightest breeze in the air I spend the majority of my day chasing around after plants and pots and garden sheds that are trying to make a run for it. This is also a reason that we have to throw away plants sometimes. If they get blown and badly damaged from the wind they become unsalable.
  3. The Cuts and Bruises 
    Maybe this is just because I’m clumsy or because I always forget to wear my gloves but I ALWAYS seem to come home with a new cut on my finger or a bruise on my arm from jamming it in between two trolleys. But this really is more my fault than anyone else’s…

Thats it really. What can I say? I enjoy working with plants, meeting new people and learning what I can from people more experienced. So what if I’m not always successful? Its all about the process and the practice. Everyone has to start somewhere right? I’ll get their one day.

Speak soon
CM x


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