A Day in the Garden

I mentioned in my previous post that I’ve spent a fun filled day hard at work in my garden repotting some plants that I got for free from work last night, as well as tending to some seedlings.

Due to the plants being unsellable (one due to them starting to die, the other I’m not sure why) I acquired two packs of plants with 6 pots in each. 6 chillies and 6 bedding plants. WHAT A RESULT!! 18644716_10156153669283452_1975086251_n


I just couldn’t bring myself to get rid. I had to save them. Once getting the all clear from a manager I happily made my way home with plenty to entertain myself with (I was going to grab some peppers as well but didn’t want to go overboard).
After a trip to the shops this morning to top up on my compost (and buy some nicer containers) I was ready to go. 18685647_10156153669208452_107915983_n

One container I bought needed some drainage holes in the bottom. Matthew, being the man of the house insisted he do it for me (what a gent). He banged in around 10 holes dotted along the bottom of the pot to ensure I had a proper drainage system, because I’d rather have too many than too little.

18643873_10156153725283452_1830305042_nafter adding a layer of multi purpose compost I added a thin layer of rocks and stones just to be extra sure that my plants would have the drainage they need. If you didn’t know already chillies like to be in direct sunlight, but they also enjoy a good drink, so I wanted to be extra careful (after my track record I’m sure you can’t blame me).

I could only fit 5 of my chillies in my large container in a zig zag shape so that they had a good bit of room each to grow to their full potential. 3 of these are Hot Thai Dragon chillies and 2 are Jalapeno’s. The 6th chilli is a Hot Banana, which has his own pot. There was no real reason for me  doing this other than I thought it would be better to keep the same types together.18644456_10156153724918452_1185285404_n

I don’t even like chillies as I’m not great with dramatic spice, but Im sure matthew will be trying them out in his cooking when he can.

Bedding plants

Im not a huge fan of bedding plants, as I prefer my plants to be slightly more perennial, but who am I to turn down a free plant!? These ones are Geranium’s and Verbena’s and I have to say I think they’ll look wonderful when their both in full bloom in their new wooden pots.

Although were moving out of our house (hopefully) in the next few weeks and into our own place, I was determined to not spend money on things for the garden until I was in there and knew what I could fit in (as were downsizing rather dramatically) but I just couldn’t help myself today, the temptation was getting too much for me. Ill squeeze it all in somehow, I’m sure. 18685338_10156153669038452_2119539485_n

WE GOT A GERMINATION! PEOPLE THIS IS NOT A DRILL. WE HAVE A GERMINATION! 18675051_10156153745058452_1572925493_o

Okay so I know this doesn’t look like much to a lot of people but this means a whole load to me. Im not entirely sure how many of them will last and I know they’ll need repotting once they get to around 6-10 inches tall. Right now my tomatoes stand at a about 1 inch, so they need a bit more time… But I’m not sure if I should be pulling some out that are very close together to let the other become more established? Please if you have any info that might help me keep these bad boys alive let me know!! Ive also managed to successfully grow 2 peas and a carrot, but their all so close to the edge of their pots I’m not sure they’ll grow well. But its all just a big experimentation journey, and Im enjoying the ride.

Speak soon
CM x


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