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Spring Clean!

After last night, when I felt so down, out and absolutely awful I woke up this morning feeling the need for a refresh. So I dragged myself up at half 9 to the sound of midge meowing at my door for breakfast. I got myself dressed and did my makeup nice to make myself feel better and headed down to the shops to get a few bits and bobs.

when I got home I was in full cleaning mode. stuck my headphones in and away I went. So I thought I’d share a few things that I did today just incase you fancy a bit of a refresh too.

  1. De-Clutter 
    First and foremost. Have a big clear out! General rule I go by is if I haven’t used it/worn it in the last 6 months then I more than likely don’t need it wasting precious space in the house. With the exception of course of summer clothes that I wouldn’t have worn over the winter, but even some of that ends up in a bin bag if I don’t think I’ll wear it this year. I got rid of most of my DVDs considering nearly everything is now on Netflix and some books that I don’t need anymore.
  2. Those Forgotten About Areas 
    I moved all of the furniture into the middle of the room, hoovered behind the sofa, behind the tv stand and bookcase, then took up the rug to wash all the floors.
    I cleaned out the fridge and inside the oven and washed all the skirting boards and cupboards. 18643503_10156147047388452_232336712_n
  3. Jig Things up a Bit 
    Seeing as I moved all of the furniture in the middle of the room and had gotten rid of a lot of clutter I decided to move a few things around. Nothing major, but I reorganised the fireplace as we have a few ornaments in and around that area. But if you’re feeling more adventurous then feel free to have a whole room revamp! Thats certainly a way to make a room feel refreshed and your mind renewed!!
  4. A Breath of Fresh Air! 
    Open up your windows and let in some of that sweet fresh air! Our house doesn’t get much natural light and because its may we refuse to put the heating on, but it can get very cold in here at times. The way we’ve been letting in some natural heat is having our back door open most of the day which not only lets in a lot of fresh air but also makes us feel more connected with our outdoor space.
  5. Add a Natural Scent
    Last but not least adding a scented candle or incense stick to a room can really change the vibe. Obviously this is just personal preference, I know a lot of people don’t like to use candles or prefer plugins but I’m wary about the chemicals found in plugins that can effect your health. I have bad lung problems so I prefer to go with a more natural way to brighten up a room, but use whatever works for you! My all time favourites are Clean Cotton or Vanilla for candles and Patchouli for incense as it was mums favourite and always reminds me of her.

18678862_10156147059523452_847198128_nAfter my jam packed day of spring cleaning I’m now relaxing on my sofa with a cup of tea catching up on Gardeners World…How old am I again? 20 going on 80? Thats fine by me! My mind and body feels so much better than it did 24 hours ago and I’m ready for a good nights sleep.

Speak soon
CM x


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