Something Smells Like Garlic!

Or rather.. It doesn’t.

As Ive mentioned, I’m a novice gardener with a very low to almost no success rate (but I’m working on it.) Matthew has proved to be slightly more successful in growing some herbs since we’ve lived together, a few of which have really flourished and taken off. He decided to plant some garlic last September just as we moved in and today was the day that we decided to harvest it. As far as we could tell some of the leaves had turned yellow and died back so although we were being a bit keen, we thought we were good to go in pulling it out of its pot. 

Ive been reading Hollie Newton’s book How to Grow which I highly recommend to anyone who is keen on gardening but is scared by the pressure of things not turning out the way they should. Read my full review on Hollies book here.

But anyway, the garlic. 

holding onto the bottom of the stem we (or should I say Matthew) gently tried to tease it out of its hole. 


Okay. So we ended up with a very tiny little ball that smelled like garlic but was of no use to us whatsoever and lots and lots of undeveloped roots. 

I knew that garlic would take a while to grow but we definitely underestimated it on this one. oh well! Not to worry, we’ll be trying again when were living in our new house. The garden that we have at the moment really isn’t suitable for growing anything as it barely gets any sunlight which is a real shame because we have the size and the ambition, but clearly this time it was not meant to be! 


Its okay Matthew we’ll try again next year! 

Speak soon.
CM x

*I am not sponsored by anyone. All opinions are mine and all links provided are a good gesture to help whoever may be interested.* 

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