Putting a Face to a Name

Hello internet! Welcome to Heart and Habitat!

I’ve always been interested in starting a blog and I think I’ve probably got 3-4 floating around the web from my younger years that have one or two posts on before I ran out of things to talk about because I realised that, at the time, my life just wasn’t that interesting…
But nevertheless! Here I am today starting up a new blog with more than 2 ideas in mind for its progression.

A bit of background…

Before diving straight in, I should probably provide a bit of background into me, my life and why I want to start this blog. My name is Chloe McClements, I’m 20 years old, 21 on July 4th. I live in Newcastle upon Tyne with my boyfriend Matthew and 2 gorgeous cats, Dylan and Midge. At the moment I’m in between university courses as I decided that instead of being a fine artist, I’m more of a designer. So I have successfully transferred to an Interior Design course at Northumbria University, but of course, I don’t start until September, so I’ve managed to get myself a part time summer job in the Garden Centre of my local B&Q. Which is not only potentially helpful for my Degree (and projects yet to be revealed) but it’s also really nice to be in the sun working with a whole load of different plant varieties as I am a keen novice gardener, but sadly not the most successful one to say the least…

In May last year my world changed as I lost my mum to her battle with cancer. Losing mum is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever been put through and there is still a long way to go, but we can get more into that later.

SO, main goals of the blog…

Since mum passed I’ve been keeping a diary and I’ve found that it really helps to clear my mind. Even just jotting down random little thoughts or things I’d like to look more into really helps me get through the day sometimes. I find that I have so much going through my mind all the time that if I don’t write it down I end up forgetting things. Doing this hasn’t just helped my self-esteem but it’s also taught me to become generally more organised. So I’d like to use my tiny slice of internet as a bit of an extension to my diary (obviously there’s a lot of things that go in my diary that wouldn’t go on my blog) but I think writing on a bigger scale (and hopefully with an audience) will help me gain some of the confidence back that I’ve lost over the last year. Writing is something that I’ve always found myself coming back to, at the moment it tends to be more my personal thoughts and list making, but when I was younger I would write stories and reviews and call me weird but I always enjoyed writing essays in school.

I’m not completely sure where this blog will take me but I do know that I have a lot of plans in the coming months and plenty of ideas waiting in the pipelines to be further developed.

Shall we get started?

CM x


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